Monday, November 16, 2009

Thank a Veteran!

Did you all have a nice Veteran's Day?! I hope so, and I hope you took the time to thank your local veterans for their service to our country! Regardless of political differences, Our Veterans - young and old, need Our Support!

If 2009's Veteran's Day has left you feeling a extra patriotic, Denver Public Library is
STILL ACCEPTING hats for their Knitting 4 Our Troops (K4OT) campaign.
Knit up a hat or ten and send it to DPL, they go straight to our active duty troops.
Pattern and details of where to send finished hats can be found HERE.
I'm told by family members that have or are still serving in Afghanistan, that the winters in the middle east can be brutal. Our Troops need all the LOVE and SUPPORT you can get in to EVERY single little STITCH!

Happy Knitting and Thank a Veteran!

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