Friday, September 2, 2011

New Fall Yarns!

We received about 15 boxes of yarn, patterns and magazines this week (and last week)!
It's like Christmas at YarnDurango! Speaking of Christmas ~ Do you know how many days there are til Christmas?! Me either - I don't really want to think about it! But I know I HAVE to think about it, so this should help me keep track!

Yes, there is a tracker that counts down til Christmas. You can get it here!

While you are thinking about how few days that actually is, think about what gifts you'll be knitting for the holidays this year. Stumped? Ideas? Plans?
Have you seen the new yarns for fall? Here's a little snippet of what we received at YarnDurango this week! (And a few ideas of what to do with it!)

And what to do with it?

What a fun take on the usual shawl! Or if the tentacle like things are a little too much (and remind you of something off of a SpongeBob cartoon) then maybe make it plain with a pretty scalloped, knit-on edge! Either way, you HAVE to see these colors in person! They are amazingly shimmery and reflect light in a way that does it no justice in photos!

I know the yardage may seem sparce - But I assure you that a little goes a LONG way! You should see the AWESOME scarf/cowl Miss Lani is knitting with Link on size 35 needles!!! And so easy, you'd be able to work several up as gifts (or for yourself) for sure!
You can download the single patterns or you can click on the little picture that says "FREE Link eBook" (in pretty colors) at the top right of the field of patterns!

Souffle` ~ Link's littler cousin! If Link is too bulky for your taste - there are more options!!! Souffle has similar colors but is a finer chain-knitted yarn and equally as impressive. The colors are deep and saturated and the touch is wonderfully soft! There's no reason a ball or two of Souffle` wouldn't make an equally impressive scarf like the Link cowl shown above!

And if that's still too bulky for you we have Flicker!
Which also has plenty of beautiful FREE PATTERNS and and eBook! Flicker is more like a worsted weight, however I knit it up on a size 6 needle for THIS lace baby shrug and it is ADORABLE. Now that Berroco has their colored Flicker available we have the full selection in the shop!

People always ask me "How do you know about all these patterns?"
Well first of all - That's my job - If I cannot help you find a pattern, you'll have nothing to knit!
Second - I cheat - Berroco has a newsletter that goes out periodically called KnitBits!
Follow the link to see the back issues and to subscribe!Anyone can sign up for KnitBits and I highly recommend it, there's always something helpful, interesting or knitt-able inside! So I hope that helps, gives you something new and fun to think about and even knit, and takes the mysetery our of how we always have a pattern to pull up for our customers! 
So that's just a FEW of the yarns in our recent Berroco orders - I didn't even get to the other brands YET - You really need to come in to see EVERYTHING and it's never the same looking online - you just have to FEEL The Yarn!
Image source:
How cool is this photo?! Talk about feeling your yarn, just wrap yourself in it!

See you soon and Happy Knitting!
~ Brandy @ YarnDgo