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We still have a few select slots available in both Nancy Bush Workshops. If you were considering attending, please call the shop and pay for your session by September 1st!

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.August 22, 2011.
It's All About the Stripes

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Zigzag Scarf by Debbie Bliss, from Knits Accessories
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When the kids go back to school I start thinking about fall knitting, and when I start thinking about fall knitting, I think about holiday knitting. And when I think about holiday knitting, I think: Knitted accessories!

To get ready for holiday knitting time, I went through my stash last weekend. It was so much fun to visit all of my yarn! I don't know about you, but I have my favorite yarns and I use them over and over. Therefore, I have lots of leftover balls of the same yarn in different colors. How do you solve this problem? I solve it by knitting stripes.

Last year I saw a chevron striped knitted scarf pattern, called Zigzag Scarf by Debbie Bliss, in Knits Accessories and I knew right then that I was going to make it. While I was looking through my yarn, I knew I could do it from my stash. Hooray!

I can see several of these scarves in my future; what a fun gift that's a stash-buster to boot.

Here's the stitch pattern:

Chevron Stripe Pattern
Row 1: (RS) K1, ssk, *k9, sl 2 sts individually pwise, k1, p2sso; rep from * to last 12 sts, k9, k2tog, k1.
Row 2: K1, *p1, k4, (k1, yo, k1) all in next st, k4; rep from * to last 2 sts, p1, k1.
Rep Rows 1 and 2 for pattern.

This chevron stitch pattern lends itself particularly well to stripes, from a skinny scarf to an afghan.

Managing Stripes while Knitting
from Knitted Accessories

Stripes are an easy way to add multiple colors to your work. They can be as narrow or as bold as you desire, and you can use many stripes in one project. Several shades of one hue give a subtle, almost dimensional effect, while contrasting colors make a work vibrate. Stripes are a fun way to experiment with color effects that can be further enhanced by stripe width and placement.

When you're working stripes back and forth in rows, it is easier, but not essential, to work in two-row increments so that all stripes begin on a knit row; in this way the yarn will always be at the edge where you need it. When you're working narrow stripes of just a few colors, it is not necessary to cut the yarn when you change colors-the unused color can be carried loosely up the side of your work for a few rows (Figure 1) or you can carry the colors for more than two rows by twisting the colors every other row (Figure 2). If you are working circularly, the yarn will always be at the beginning of the round.
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To change colors, simply begin a new row (or round) with your new color. If the edge stitch seems too loose, you can tie the yarn end temporarily (you will undo the knot and work the end in later) to the color you are stopping close to the edge of your work (Figure 3).

Proceed with the new color for the desired number of rows and then either return to the original color or add yet another color. When you are finished, work the yarn ends carefully into the backside of the matching color (Figure 4).

You can download Knits Accessories now for just 10 cents! So get your copy and make the Zigzag Scarf part of your holiday knitting this year.

Kathleen CubleyKathleen Cubley
is the editor of
Knitting Daily.
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Books by
Nancy Bush
Knitting Lace in Estonia
Knitting in Estonia
Folk Socks
Knitting Vintage Socks
Knitting on the road
Nancy Bush

We are very excited at Yarn
Durango as we will be hosting
two workshops by Nancy Bush
this fall! Nancy is one of the
best knitting teachers on the
circuit today.  She has designed
and published numerous books and 
has been teaching knitting for years.   
    She travels to Estonia each year to spend time with the knitters that have inspired her.  I have personally taken workshops from her and she is by far the best knitting teacher I have ever taken lessons from.  She is an amazing and talented lady. 
   Sign up today to be included in these wonderful workshops this fall and take advantage of this awesome opportunity!
Do you have questions about the workshops?  Email Donny -

Call the shop -  YarnDurango 
9 7 0 . 2 5 9 . 9 8 2 7

Workshop Information
Estonian Lace Sampler

Day 1: October 15, 2011
Estonian Lace Sampler, 6 Hour Class
In Estonian lace knitting tradition, patterns were recorded by knitting them into a long sampler or by a collection of small sample pieces. In this class we will study this tradition and make our own sampler of Estonian lace patterns.  Knitting lace is not as hard as you'd think.  By doing this small lace sampler and learning what you need to know from Nancy, you will never be afraid of lace patterns again.  It's all technique!
Cost $98.00
Workshop limited to 20 people.
Call Yarn Durango and sign up today!  970-259-9827

Estonian Mittens 

Day 2: October 16, 2011
Traditional Estonian Mittens 
Learn about Estonian knitting traditions through their mittens. Students will make a mitten, learning some interesting Estonian techniques: a special cast on, unique cuff treatment and knitted braids. Students should be able to use double point needles and have some experience with 2-color knitting, also know as Fair Isle or Stranded Knitting.  It will be so fun to learn how to knit these beautiful mittens!
Cost $98.00
Workshop limited to 20 people.
Call Yarn Durango and sign up today!  970-259-9827

Bio: Nancy Bush
Nancy Bush 2Nancy found her passion for traditional hand knitting via a degree in Art History and postgraduate studies in color design and weaving in San Francisco and Sweden. She has worked as a freelance designer and consultant to several yarn companies, as a contributing editor to Knitter's Magazine, and is currently on the Editorial Advisory Panel for Piecework Magazine. Her designs and articles have also appeared in Interweave Knits, Spin-Off, Vogue Knitting, and Threads. She has taught workshops for guilds, shops and at conferences throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in Finland, France and Estonia. She has been honored to serve as the Knitting Guide on the Interweave Press Knitter's Journey to Scandinavia in 1998, 1999, 2001 and 2004.