Sunday, July 31, 2011

Update: Rescheduling Classes ~ Skirt & Tank Top

Just a quick post to let you all know that a couple of the classes have been rescheduled.


The Luminaire Skirt class has been scheduled - 
for Session One, August 10th & Session Two August 24th.

The Design-Your-Own Tank Top class has been rescheduled. Session One is August 11th,  Session Two August 25th, and Session Three, September 1st.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Upcoming Classes @ YarnDurango!

 Please call the shop to reserve your place in a class. 
9 7 0 . 2 5 9 . 9 8 2 7 

If you are not positive you will attend, you may pay for your session the day of the class, all materials purchased for classes are 10% off.

Classes with no attendance may be rescheduled, and if you need a make-up session, PLEASE let the teacher know and arrange to meet up on one of our regularly scheduled UFO Saturdays!

If you are attending at the last minute, please call before showing up to be sure there is a slot open or that the session has not been rescheduled!!!!
We hope to see you learning a new technique at one of our upcoming classes!
Happy Knitting 
~ Brandy @ YarnDurango

Botanica Medallion Cardigan/Shrug
Cost: $40.00 for 2 sessions OR $20 if you can only make one or the other. 
(Scheduled: Aug 1st 5-7pm; 4th 10am-Noon; 15th 5-7pm; 18th 10am-Noon)

This is a fabulous and fun project! This pattern comes to us from Vogue Knitting, and can be purchased and downloaded via their website.
PLEASE refer to the pattern for your materials list and yardage. 
The first class will focus on the center medallion, and the second class will focus on the outer band and finishing.
Possible Yarn Suggestions: Venezia, Cascade 220SW, Silky Wool, Dream, Ultra Pima, Weekend, Vintage, Bamboo & Pearls, Soya Cotton, Seduce, Comfort, Solstice, Flicker etc.

Design your own Tank Top
Cost: 3 sessions  of  1 hr/2 hrs/2 hrs  - $50 for all three or $20/$25/$25
(Scheduled July 25th 5-7pm & 28th 10am-Noon)
(August 8th 5-7 pm / 11th 10am-Noon /  22nd 6-7pm / 25th 10-11 am)

The aim of this class is to design your own garment using your favorite and best fitting top. Skill level will be for all who can knit, purl and cast on. You can make this as simple or complicated as your personal skill allows! This is a great opportunity to experiment with stitch patterns.
***Students will be required to come to the first session with your gauge sample in the yarn you have chosen. This will be your reference for calculating your top's measurements!!!****

The 1st class will get you started knitting, the 2nd class focuses on armholes, neck shaping and short-row shoulders, and the 3rd class on sewing together, picking up stitches around the armholes, and the neck.
Yarn: summer weight yarn in cotton or bamboo (Misti Cotton, Bamboo & Pearls, Ultra Pima, and more available at the shop!) Come in if you need help with how many yards you'll need, but make SURE to get enough to finish your project.
Needles: Bring one set of needles that matches the band on your yarn and one set that is one size SMALLER.
HOMEWORK: With smaller needles, CO 30 stitches and knit in garter stitch for 1 inch. Change to larger needles and knit in stockinette stitch for a minimum of 3 inches. For a simple top this is enough, however if you desire a stitch pattern, knit it after teh stockinette section for 1-3 repeats. Do not rip out patterns you do not like, as this will be a useful experience and benefit you and the rest of the class.  It is helpful to divide your stitch sample sections with 2 rows of garter stitch. You can get help with pattern repeats in the shop when you choose your yarn! (You can also bring PICTURES of knit garments that have design inspiring elements to them!)

Luminarie (Entrelac) Skirt
Cost: $40.00 for 2 sessions OR $20 per session
(Scheduled:  July 27th  and August 10th 10am-Noon)

This pattern appears in the Interweave Knits Summer 2009 magazine and can be purchased and downloaded via their website (CLICK HERE). This is a good opportunity for intermediate knitters to challenge themselves. You must know how to UN-knit, as mistakes can and do happen!
MATERIALS: Silk, Cotton, Rayon or Bamboo yarn (or a blend!) REFER TO PATTERN FOR YARDAGE REQUIREMENTS! Choose something with a nice drape in a Sport or DK weight. (Interlacements silk or bamboo would be loverly!)

Helpful tip: this skirt grows length-wise on thin ladies and looses length on curvier ladies. Take this into consideration and if you need a longer or shorter garment, make sure to consider that in your yarn yardage. Sample knit in Interlacements yarn with LOTS leftover!)
24" or longer circular needle (lace needles would be helpful!)
Size 9 / I / 5.5 mm Crochet Hook for finishing the bottom edge.

*****PLEASE come in with a gauge swatch knit in stockinette stitch if you need help determining your size!!!*****

Mosaic Knitting - Colorwork/Slip-stitch Scarf
Cost: $20.00 for a 2 hr class
 (Scheduled: August 3rd 10am-Noon / 27th Call for time)

Learn a simpler way of 2-color knitting than fair-isle. This technique uses slipped stitches to achieve a patterning effect. Students must know how to Cast On, Knit and Purl. We will begin making a scarf during this class. Come into the shop of you need help choosing yarn!

Materials: 2 skeins worsted weight yarn - Main color and Contrast color.
(TIP: Wool works best, if you need help with a substitute fiber just ask! It is recommended to use 2 highly contrasting colors. One solid dark color and one self striping or variegated color would be a fun combination!)

Sz 10 needles or size on yarn label
(Yarn Suggestions: Cascade 220, Sprout, Luna, Vintage, Venezia or Lana Bambu would be good options!)

Beaded/Scalloped Summer Purse
Cost: $25 for a 2hr class
(Scheduled August 13th call for time / 17th 10am-Noon)

This class will teach you a lot! You will learn a double-needle cast-on, knitting 
with beads, a bit of lace knitting and how to crochet a seam together.
The finished purse measures about 14x21cm.
Materials: 200 yds of cotton yarn (You may substitute but need a yarn that is firm!)
45 beads that will fit ON your yarn 
(TIP: have a few extra in case you break or lose some! Beads are not available @ the shop, however Beads and Beyond or Cowboy Trading Co. have great selections and are within walking distance!)
1 beading needle or dental floss for stringing
(small beading needles available in the shop!)

(Dig into your needle stash for this baby!) 
Crochet hook
Knitting needles listed on yarn band
Knitting needles one sz smaller than listed
1 dpn in lg size 
2 sz US#7 dpn's for making the i-cord strap
1 sz US#1 for double needle cast on
(TIP: If you choose a yarn that will knit up nicely on a US #7 needle, then you can use a set of DPN's with stoppers on the ends. Then all you need is a set (or a single) US #6 needle and a single US #1 for the rest of your project!)

Monday, July 11, 2011

UFO Saturdays!

Pattern for Knitted UFO HERE

UFO Saturdays 1st and Third Saturday of every month  Noon-4pm

A day of finishing up Un-Finished-Objects  (look for schedule on!)

           Anyone is welcome to come and work on a project that needs finishing (or starting!). Also, if you are in need of assistance or guidance for your project, please call before coming in, and we will have someone available to help you get moving again. There is no charge for help, but if we are really busy in the shop there could be a delay, so we like to have an extra hand and individualized attention for those who need help!

Feel free to make every saturday your day for finishing up your knitting, even on unspecified days, you are always welcome to sit and knit!


For those of you participating in the KAL, here are some suggestions and ideas for yarn choices:

Henrietta Maria
The pattern calls for a yarn that is actually more of a Sport or DK weight. If you are unsure of your yarn choice, please do check your gauge! If you haven't picked a yarn, here are some suggestions that we have in stock:
Any of the Sublime DK's , Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino DK, Rowan Pure Life, Pure Merino by Berroco, Venezia Worsted, Silky Wool, Cascade 220 Sport, Frog Tree Alpaca Sport, Solstice by Classic Elite, Epiphany, Heritage Silk, Sterling, Any of the Mirasol yarns, Degrade, Firefly, Soft Linen, Ultra Alpaca, Eco Cloud, Flicker, MiniMochi, Vintage, Vintage DK, Cascade 220 Superwash, BijouSpun Yarns, Intelacements Yarns, Strandavarious yarns, Shaeffer Yarns.

That should be plenty to choose from!

As for Otto:

You could knit him right to gauge with any DK weight yarn. He is done on DPN's and with a super tight gauge - which is key, because you don't want him bleeding his stuffins out all over!

You could knit him a SWEATER!!!!! How stinkin cute is that?! You know you just have to knit this for your kids, or grandkids, or cat, or dog, or baby elephant... Or your desk - Or your car window, or passenger seat, or bike basket - Or little red wagon!
Whatever or whomever you knit him for, he is just TOO cute to pass up!

You could change the yarn selection up EASILY - Like this:

Cascade 220, Vintage, Vintage Chunky, Peruvia, Comfort, Pima Fresca, Caccade Baby Alpaca, or even Plush!

Eco Wool, Lustra, Venezia Bulky, Mochi Plus, Sprout, handspun alpaca by CoeBear Alpaca Ranch, Puffin, Misti Alpaca, Eco Duo, or double strand any lighter yarn!

Bulky/Super Bulky:
Let's make a big snuggly Otto!
How about Lanaloft bulky, or Brown Sheep Burly Spun, Thick & Quick Merino, Peruvia Quick, Campus, Magnum, or stack the lighter strands up to make your own bulky yarn!

The key is to keep your gauge SUPER TIGHT! And who says he has to be WHITE - He could be any color, make him brown or grey, or russet or fawn - Or make it fun and knit him up in red, orange, green, gold - Otto's fun possibilities are endless!


Saturday July 16th! 
Be there or be knitting a garter stitch square!
Not that there's anything wrong with that!!!

But how's about something cute and wearable or cute and entertaining?!
We are going to gather at the end of customer appreciation week, and Knit Together on our KAL projects! With the sale happening in the store this week, there's no better time to stock up on enough yarn for the Henrietta Maria Cardigan or Otto the Polar Bear! 

Come in and choose your yarn and be ready to Knit Together on Saturday. We'd like it to be a grand old time, so bring a snack or a drink to share, and we will gather out front in our beautiful courtyard garden. 

The afternoon shade is usually loverly, and Saturdays in Durango can't be beat. Come early and get a good parking spot on the street too!!! We open at 10 AM, so feel free to come and go as you please! It will be a casual time of Knittin Around!