Monday, November 16, 2009

Knitting Tips!

We've had a lot of interest in Ysolda Teague's Urchin Hat, and quite a few knitters that have come in are working on it. We've had a few people get a little stuck with the shorts rows, mostly count and recognizing the finished wraps. Once you get through a few repeats of the "wedges" that compose the hat, it will fly by.. You'll love it!


I knit my first one up in some Cuzco and it turned out great. It was little baggy and floppy, I forgot that this yarn stretches out quite a bit with wear. So keep that in mind when choosing your yarn. I like mine like this, but if I want a change, I gather it up and attach a vintage pin. Adorable.
I've got 2 more planned, and I think I can finish them up in a day a piece. They really are that easy once you get moving on them.

Come on in and check out our shop model that was knit up in Lumpy Bumpy. Even try it on for size, it looks great on just about everyone!
If you get stuck, you are welcome to come by for a little help, or check out these knitting help links:
This is the provisional cast on recccommended in the pattern

Short Rows:

This hat does call for a Provisional Cast ON and a grafted  bind off, OR 3 Needle Bind Off.
It is knit from side to side, the short rows cause the rounded shape, and the graft makes for a seamless finished piece.
Now, if that is all too much for you, you could very well just cast on and bind of as normal. Then graft, seam, sew or whatever, your two ends together and draw up the center. It just won't be as neat or invisible. And you won't learn a new technique! But if you're OK with that, then go ahead and go the other direction with it.

Anyhow, hope this all helps, and maybe you found something new that you've needed.
Happy Knitting!
- Brandy



Thank a Veteran!

Did you all have a nice Veteran's Day?! I hope so, and I hope you took the time to thank your local veterans for their service to our country! Regardless of political differences, Our Veterans - young and old, need Our Support!

If 2009's Veteran's Day has left you feeling a extra patriotic, Denver Public Library is
STILL ACCEPTING hats for their Knitting 4 Our Troops (K4OT) campaign.
Knit up a hat or ten and send it to DPL, they go straight to our active duty troops.
Pattern and details of where to send finished hats can be found HERE.
I'm told by family members that have or are still serving in Afghanistan, that the winters in the middle east can be brutal. Our Troops need all the LOVE and SUPPORT you can get in to EVERY single little STITCH!

Happy Knitting and Thank a Veteran!