Thursday, August 12, 2010

Local Fiber featured at YarnDurango!

One thing we really wanted to focus on at YarnDurango is LOCAL fiber.
There are a couple yarns that are local to the area, and we are looking at getting more in the very near future. Today, we'll talk about Bridle Valley Ranch Alpaca Fiber.

We were fortunate enough for JoAnn to bring her local alpaca yarn into to shop, and she kindly invited us out to visit her ranch near Ignacio. We had a great time learning about the Alpaca, seeing the new Baby alpaca (1 week old!), and picking out roving to bring into the shop for the spinners of our area.

We've spent a great deal of time talking with JoAnn about  her yarn and are convinced that she has some of the nicest "fresh" fiber we've seen in a while. She put every effort into choosing the right fiber, blend of silk, etc. From the animal, right down to the mill itself, nothing has been overlooked.
Her fiber is mill carded and spun, undyed and not chemically treated or processed. It is blended with just the right amount of silk as well, which makes it feel very luxurious!

Most knitters complain about the "vegetable content" of unprocessed fiber. Bridle Valley fiber has VERY LITTLE bits or pieces of anything left in the fiber. So no worries about picking bits of hay or grass every few inches in your yarn. And even more important, no pieces of alpaca poo either! A nice perk when knitting with fresh fiber, the less poo the better!

Hope you enjoy these photos of the day's visit, and please come in and check out the LOVELY soft Alpaca/Silk blend yarn we carry from Bridle Valley!

This gal was super sweet, and a "close talker"....
You see now? 
"Close Talker!"

Skeptical Guard Llama... With beautiful eyes. 

See, there is the Close Talker again... Inspecting Jonni!
She sniffed everyone up and down, then sat down with everyone and visited.

All the white females shorn like a poodle are pregnant. 
They have an 11 month gestational period.



Photos by Brandy Dare and Susan Jones

Yes, the NEW YarnDurango is OPEN!

We opened up July 3rd, 2010, under new ownership.
If you have not yet met Jonni (pronounced Jaw-Knee)  please do come by and say hello. 

We are interested in knowing what our customers would like to see @ YarnDurango, so send us an email, call in or come by and write something down on our Wish List @ the front counter!

The new shop hours are:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 10am - 6pm
Wednesdays from 12Noon - 8pm
Sundays from 12Noon-4pm

Lots of new things have happened in the past month since we have opened.

 We have a new sitting area with all of the books and patterns.
It is lovingly referred to as the "Man Chair" section.
Husbands always welcome..  ;0)

The courtyard Garden is BEAUTIFUL this time of year.
Strange to think that in just a few more months it will be filled with snow!

Many have commented on how "clean" everything looks.
Wel, there is not a TON of yarn in the shop, but there WILL be! Surely it will fill up nicely.
We also put a lot of work into sprucing things up. Fresh paint, rearranging displays, cleaning and finishing the floors, and a new style of decorating all around. 
The shop feels large and open, and it has made for a lovely environment to browse yarns in!

We do have a few "special" yarns in the shop, for a hand knit item to treat yourself or someone else. These spools of differnt luxurious blends are just the thing!
Perhaps these might go on your Christmas list?!

Have any of you who have been in noticed the beautiful, fragrant, fresh flowers gracing the shop?
We have Blossom arrangements freshly placed in the shop every week. They smell AMAZING and are so BEAUTIFUL! If you are in need of flowers, definitely give them a call!!!


Monday's Knit Night group has resumed meeting from 4-7pm.
Wednesdays the FLKC Ladies group meets from 5:30 - 8:30.
Thursdays the local spinners of Durango come in from 1-4pm.
And The Mad Hatters group will resume meeting to knit 
Baby Hats for the hospital this month as well.

We will be posting a class list soon, there have been many requests for classes and certain projects.  If there is anything you would particularly like to attend a class on, PLEASE let us know!

Thursday's Spinning Ladies

We still have a lot of Spring and Summer yarn, and a few things left in the sale area. We also have the Odd's and Ends section where Jonni has painstakingly placed out her own collection of yarn in an effort to find it all a new home. It's always changing and new Stash items are being brought out every week.

For August, September and October, expect to see some new Fall/Winter yarns in the shop. We'll have new wool and alpaca from Cascade. We have ordered Atenti and Namaste totes and bags.  We'll be having Needlepoint kits as well as kits for Fair Isle hats featuring One of a Kind and Vintage yarns! We're also looking at getting some embroidery supplies in the shop in time for Christmas.

All this is just a start to the many things coming in to the new YarnDurango, so if there is anything you would like us to consider, don't be shy, please do let us know!

Happy Knitting!

*Photos taken by Lani Dill